Contact Center Applications

Improving customer satisfaction by extending your customer care activities

Customer satisfaction alone is not enough to ensure customer retention. As an organization or a brand, you really need to engage your customers. Customer engagements through brand and customer service have become the most powerful differentiators in your business environment. The perceptions of both are created by an accumulation of customer experiences.

Offering performing customer service through a contact center improves the customer experience. It helps you to retain customers and increase their loyalty, increasing sales and growing the value of the existing customer base in the process. As the contact center supports a direct customer relationship as an extension of the existing service offering, it also acts as an element that helps to acquire new customers.

  • Automated Call Distribution : manage on Hold and routing of customers calls
  • Interactive Voice Response : allowing you to automate the direct interaction with your customers in a highly efficient manner
  • MultiChannel Collaboration : Traditional call centers are evolving into multimedia contact centers, serving your customer base using other contact methods than telephony, such as e-mail, fax and instant messaging
  • E-Reputation : One of the today and future challenge for a company is to control its reputation on social networks. Contact Centers applications contribute to reach this objective

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